About Bitcoin Gambling

Bitcoins are just a form of currency just like the Dollar, the Euro and the Rupee and it was introduced back in the year 2008 by a person who went by the alias Satoshi Nakamoto (no one know’s the true identity of the person) and has since become a very popular method of payment especially over the internet and especially for the purpose of online gambling.

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How does the bitcoin work?

The bitcoin can be used like any other form of currency to buy or sell goods and \ or services. However, the bitcoin is also different from traditional forms of currencies in many ways. For example, the bitcoin is a peer to peer payment system where there is no middle man (such as a bank involved). This means that the bitcoin is not as regulated, or taxed and it is free of transaction fees, and processing fees and all other fees that banks usually levy on traditional forms of currency.

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Another thing about the bitcoin is that if you need it to be, the transactions are virtually untraceable and this helps you maintain anonymity and privacy and this is one of the main reasons why many online gamblers (who seek anonymity) prefer the bitcoin over other forms of traditional currency.

The absence of the middleman also means that as long as you have sufficient bitcoins for a certain transaction, there is no reason your transaction will be declined. However, if you are using a credit card or debit card, even though you have sufficient funds, your bank may decline the transaction on the basis that it is for the purpose of online gambling. Essentially, the use of bitcoins eradicates the problem of restrictive jurisdiction.

Are bitcoins future proof?

The huge increase of usage of bitcoins over an extremely short period of time makes it clear that the trend for the bitcoin is positive. Bitcoins in fact has already been termed by many expert economists as the currency of the future.

If you are contemplating buying bitcoins or gambling on an online bitcoin casino then you ca rest assured that your bitcoins will hold their value into the future and may even be worth a lot more!

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7Bit Casino Review

7Bit Casino is a reputed bitcoin gambling operator in the EU market. With rich graphics and attractive features, this BTC casino offers an enjoyable gaming environment. To get started with 7Bit Casino, all you have to do is enter you contact details and select a game on the site. Select the ‘Play Now’ option after this. A text message will be sent to your mobile. Click on the link provided in the text message. Follow the instructions and get the casino installed on your device.

A wide range of games are offered by the mobile casino. These include Texas Hold’em Poker, Fruit Machine, VegasVegas slots, European Roulette, Alien Fruits, Pirates Treasure, Blackjack, Hi-Lo Poker, Sexy Poker and Gold Rush slots. 7Bit Casino offers a lucrative 100% match bonus on your first BTC deposit. You also get free sins after making a deposit. You can use the bonus cash for wagering on various games that the casino has to offer.